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RVTD levy adds to property taxes

Does the new levy for RVTD replace the 18 cents we already pay, or are the two combined? Also, did only 37,000 voters or so vote for this measure?

— Chuck V., Medford

The additional 13 cents per $1,000 in property taxes will be on top of Rogue Valley Transportation District’s existing property tax receipts. The 13 cents will be collected for a five-year period.

As to your second question, Chuck, there were a little over 37,000 voters who cast ballots for the levy. RVTD district boundaries encompass the cities it serves, including Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Central Point, Jacksonville and White City. The boundaries, which were set in 1975, basically follow Interstate 5, old Jacksonville Highway and Highway 62. As a result, only voters within the boundaries of the district were eligible to vote on the measure, and only those properties that are part of the district will pay the levy.

Some long-range proposals have called for extending the service district to Eagle Point and other parts of the county.

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