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In case of snow, airport has you covered

I know we are behind the eight-ball, but what is that huge structure going in at the airport? We go by it on Bullock Road often and keep wondering.

— Sharon, D., Medford

It's easy to lose track of all the goings-on at the Medford airport, especially with the Oregon Department of Transportation preparing to punch the bypass through along the former Medco Haul Road on the east side.

What you're seeing is a snow-removal equipment building so that in those rare times when snow threatens airport operations, crews can easily clear runways for commercial and private aircraft. Funding for the $7.16 million addition to the airport came from the FAA Airport Improvement Program Grant, a ConnectOregon V grant, and airport revenue.

Jackson County Airport Authority applied to build the 35,957-square-foot structure last June and the permit was issued by the city of Medford on Sept. 23, 2015.

S&B James Construction Management of White City was awarded the contract to build the single-story structure, including offices, near the south end of Runway 32, adjacent to the existing cargo buildings. M&H Architecture of Portland designed the building.

Building pads, footings and storm drains were done during the winter, followed by the pre­fabricated metal construction you've noticed. The project is due to be completed in August.

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