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Do you think you've been overcharged?

As a follow up to the Since You Asked questions regarding charging for credit card use. Since You Asked stated that the maximum surcharge is 4 percent up to $10. So who do we complain to when a gas station is charging 10 cents a gallon surcharge, and that amount exceeds 4 percent? I realize that with gas quickly getting back to the $2.50-plus range, this may become moot. But for the last many months, gas was as low as $1.699, and the 10-cent surcharge exceeded that legally allowed amount, and all the stations charging those dimes were in violation.

— Robert S.

If you'll allow us, we'd like to set the stage first, Robert. We assume you're referring to the May 23 Since You Asked "Court ruling allows merchants to charge credit card fees."

In that, we said a recent ruling "makes it so merchants can charge customers what they pay the card company for the credit card transaction, or up to 4 percent, whichever amount's lower. The fee can't be more than $10."

If you believe a gas station is nickeling and diming you above what is legal, help is available. The Oregon Department of Justice has several options for consumers wanting to file grievances against businesses they believe are acting unfairly. 

A consumer complaint form is available at https://justice.oregon.gov/consumercomplaints. You can also email help@oregonconsumer.gov or call 503-378-4320 for Salem, 503-229-5576 for Portland, or toll free at 1-877-877-9392.

Additional resources such as help finding a lawyer are also available there.

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