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Ashland bike path memorials need approval

Along the bike path next to the railroad tracks in Ashland, there is a memorial; a semicircle of stones with cross, name and flowers planted, etc. This strip of land is probably owned by some government/railroad agency, so I was wondering if a permit is required for such a memorial, and if there are any requirements or time limit for one (a family member recently died).

— Judy S.

Permits and approval by the Ashland Parks Commission are required for such a memorial, according to Susan Dyssegard, executive assistant at the Ashland Parks and Recreation Department.

The memorial you mentioned, Judy, was never formally requested or approved, Dyssegard says. However, there is another memorial nearby that was formally granted in October 2012. That site, which includes a park bench and a plaque placed on a poured concrete pad, is in memory of David Grubbs, an Ashland resident who was murdered in November 2011 as he walked home from work. The case has still not been solved.

"That was a very special exception," Dyssegard says.

The department can approve memorial benches or picnic tables on park-owned property, but it has to be in an area where they actually need an item.

You can contact the parks department at 541-488-5340 for more information.

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