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No Marie Callender's in the works for Medford

What's the status of a new restaurant to replace the Marie Callender's that burned down on Biddle Road?

— Chris E., Medford

We can tell you, Chris, that it doesn't look good for a replacement for the restaurant famous for its pies.

The Marie Callender's burned down almost three years ago, and at first, signs indicated it might be rebuilt.

Jim Huber, Medford's planning director, said some pre-application information came through last year, but no formal application has been received.

In September 2015, drawings were submitted for a new restaurant on the site of the former Marie Callender's. But the Planning Department hasn't heard anything since then.

"There is no confirmation on whether they will build the Marie Callender's," said Deputy City Manager Bill Hoke.

An employee at the Marie Callender's in Redding, Calif., who asked not to be identified, said, "They're not building one over there."

There's an old saying in journalism, "Write what you know." And that's what we know at the moment about Marie Callender's, Chris.

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