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You can call ODOT to get potholes fixed

I've been running over three potholes lined up like divots on Highway 99 just south of Garfield Street for years now. Who is supposed to fix them, and do they have any plans to do so? 

— Walter W., Phoenix

Good question, Walter. Potholes are the bane of many a driver's existence, and the Oregon Department of Transportation is the place to call when you've got a request for maintenance. Gary Leaming, ODOT spokesman, says he's not familiar with potholes on this particular stretch of road, so as of now, there is no scheduled maintenance, but it will be added to the ODOT work schedule to check it out. 

It's difficult to zero in on any problem without location specifics, Leaming says, and anyone wanting to report road maintenance should provide details such as cross streets, intersections, addresses — anything that can help the crew identify the problem.

The best way to report road maintenance or problems is by calling the ODOT dispatch line at 541-858-3103. The dispatchers will take the report, categorize the issue based on how serious the hazard is and make sure the report gets to the appropriate maintenance crew.

The timeline for getting ODOT to fix a problem depends on the severity of the problem and the time of year. For urgent hazards, crews are generally quick to the scene. But for a less-hazardous pothole — depending on size — it might take a week or so to fix.

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