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No room at park for Olympic-size pool

Just wondering why a swimming pool could not be built in U.S. Cellular Community Park. Just think how much money could be brought in if we had an Olympic-size pool that could train athletes (both swimming and diving) and hold swim meets. It could also be used to teach swimming to the thousands of children in our town who need these survival skills. There could be a business that could sponsor or build this much-needed facility. It could be a money-maker and could be done without seeking another tax or fee hike on overtaxed property owners.

— Karen W., Medford

Sound like you've done a lot of thinking about this swimming pool idea, Karen. Maybe you should start a local movement to get more people behind your proposal.

As you are no doubt aware, there has been considerable discussion over the years about building a swimming pool at Hawthorne Park. Voters rejected a tax measure to build a new pool at the park to replace the existing pool that was demolished after it had sprung a major leak.

Talk of building an Olympic-size pool at Hawthorne has been going on recently with Medford City Council. Again, the talk turned to how to pay for the project.

As to your question about why the pool couldn't be built at U.S. Cellular Community Park, we checked in with Brian Sjothun, Medford parks and recreation director.

"We don't have any available land within the park to build such a pool, and we don't own any other undeveloped land adjacent to the park," he said.

Also, the city is always on the lookout for corporate sponsors, Karen. That's one of the reasons why the park is called "U.S. Cellular."

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