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More info about leftover Olympic gear

On Aug. 21, we published a question from an Ashland reader named Paige, who described herself as "an avid Olympics viewer." Paige was wondering "what happens with all the equipment that sports the 'Rio 2016' logo after the Olympics end?"

We weren't holding our breath for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games' organizing committee to return an offbeat email from an American mid-market daily, but they kindly returned our message. They even apologized for the delay, saying it was a "very busy time!"

In response to a question about what happens to sporting goods after the Games are over, a media relations representative with the committee confirmed that many autographed game balls, flags, torches and other memorabilia can be found for sale at an online auction at www.officialauction.rio2016.com. 

While they didn't provide an itemized list, the representative said the bulk of the gear and buildings at Barra Olympic Park used during the games will remain in the area to create an elite training facility for athletes — Brazil's first centralized athletic facility.

The goal will be to provide a training center to create more Brazilian Olympic athletes, according to the representative who didn't provide a name with the message. The tennis arena, Carioca arenas 1-3, the velodrome, the gymnastics arena and the diving and water polo arena will all be kept intact for the training facility.

The Future Arena in Rio, where handball was played, was specifically designed to be dismantled with the purpose of becoming three schools for poorer areas of Rio, according to the representative. The majority of the soccer stadiums used during the Games will remain available for their intended purpose. 

Other facilities, such as the beach volleyball arena, were designed to be temporary and will be deconstructed. Signed balls from volleyball matches, however, are still available for auction.

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