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Mount Baldy here, Mount Baldy there ...

Is there a Mt. Baldy in this area? Never have heard of it.

— Catherine S., by email

You may never have heard of Mount Baldy, Catherine, but you have heard from it. That's because, if you look east and up from Phoenix, you'll see a peak (large hill, really) festooned with a variety of antennas and transmitters. That's Mount Baldy, rising just over 3,800 feet above sea level. It's about midway between Roxy Ann Peak east of Medford and Grizzly Peak east of Ashland.

But, wait, there's more: Head west into the Applegate Valley, and you can look upon, yes, Mount Baldy. This one is 3 to 4 miles southwest of Ruch and a bit more substantial at 4,974 feet in elevation.

But wait (at risk of sounding like a TV ad), there's even more: East of Howard Prairie Lake, you'll find Old Baldy, the site of a former fire lookout, which rises to the impressive height of 6,332 feet.

If we haven't filled your Mount Baldy cup to overflowing yet, Catherine, how about this: Mount Bailey on the west side of Diamond Lake was originally named Mount Baldy because of its bare top, according to the book "Hiking Oregon's Southern Cascades and Siskiyous." As the story goes, a cartographer misread a surveyor's handwriting and it's been Bailey ever since.

And we are hardly alone in having a plethora of peaks named Mount Baldy. We found a list online that included 230 U.S. mountains with the word Baldy in their names.

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