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Dogs aren't welcome on Table Rock trails

I love watching the sun rise over the Rogue Valley from the top of Table Rock and find the well-maintained trails one of Southern Oregon's hallmarks. The trail seems to be getting more and more popular, especially with dog owners. I noticed there was sign asking dog owners to keep Fido at home. However, the response seems to be: "Taking a flying leap, my dog is coming with me on the trail." So what is the Mail Tribune going to do about those scofflaws?

— Sam R., Eagle Point

Well, Sam, we're going to do what we usually do, run to somebody who knows more about the subject than we do. We checked in with folks from the Southern Oregon Nature Conservancy and discovered that indeed it's true: Dogs are not welcome guests on either Upper Table Rock or Lower Table Rock trails.

"We love it when people leave their favorite pooch at home," said the Nature Conservancy's Molly Morison.

So please don't take it that your less-favored canine friends are free to roam.

"There are multiple reasons for keeping dogs out," Morison said. "Other people don't always enjoy dog interactions or dog poop. Then, there is undesirable interaction with poison oak and wildlife."

Turkeys, squirrels and deer may flee for cover in the thickets and trees, but cougars known to prowl the vicinity might find your pup an ample hors d'oeuvre.

Then there are ticks, which love to cozy up in dog fur.

Try a walk around the block or to your local dog park instead.

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