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If you're in danger, police don't care where you park

Where do I park if I have business at the new police station? Where does a battered spouse go if they want to be protected from the abuser who has chased them to the police station?

— C.M., via email

Anyone with routine business at the police station — for example, paying a citation, reporting an incident, dropping off cupcakes, etc. — can park on Ivy or Holly streets or in the City Hall parking lot across the street. But anyone being pursued or seeking immediate asylum can park anywhere he or she wishes, said Medford police Lt. Kerry Curtis.

“If it’s a life-and-death type matter, we’re not concerned about where you park,” Curtis said. “We just want you to get inside and be safe.”

Furthermore, the new station is equipped with a red emergency button, located immediately inside the first set of glass doors, which, when activated, locks both the interior and exterior doors, Curtis said.

From there, the abused spouse or victim could speak to the operator through the intercom and request an officer’s assistance.

Another option, Curtis said, would be to wait in your car, lock the door and call police to escort you inside.

But, C.M., as far as secret or designated parking goes, there is none. And keep in mind that if you are parking on the street, there is a two-hour parking limit.

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