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Ballots can be dropped off in other counties

If a voter deposits a ballot envelope from Jackson County in a ballot drop box in another county, how do the votes get forwarded to Jackson County?

— RD J., White City

Magic, RD. Magic.

And while the illusionist never reveals his methods, we'll make an exception in this case — in the spirit of transparency and all that.

Jackson County ballots dropped in other election drop boxes in other Oregon counties are overnighted to Jackson County, according to Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker. You could be a student away at school in Multnomah County or Malheur County, and it will be counted if you get it in a certified drop box in time.

"As long as it's in one of those boxes by 8 o'clock election night, it is considered timely," Walker said. "We've done this for many elections. They send it to us, just like we would send the others to (other counties)."

Those overnighted ballots won't be included in the reports that come out on Election Night, but in the end will count just as much as a ballot sent in two weeks early.

To clarify, the ballots have to be deposited in a drop box in the state of Oregon. You can't drop a Jackson County, Ore., ballot in a Washington state drop box.

In that case, it might just disappear. And we're not sure what the spell would be to bring it back.

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