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Teacher charged with sexting has March court date

Back in September, you said that teacher charged with sexting his student had a December court date.  What was the outcome of the trial?

— No name given, via email

You haven't missed the outcome of former South Medford High School social studies teacher Richard Michael Fay's case, but it hasn't reached its conclusion yet.

Last month, Fay's lawyer Robert Schrank moved to postpone the trial in Jackson County Circuit Court, requesting a court date in the last week of March, court records show.

To use the Sun Tzu quote, "Wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine."

Shrank asked for extra time in order to go through the multiple phone and internet records prosecutors had admitted into evidence, but there's a possibility the case could reach its end before the trial date set for March 28, as Shrank said he's begun negotiating with prosecutors.

Fay has previously entered not guilty pleas to multiple felony charges that include using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, second-degree encouraging child sex abuse and luring a minor, alleging that Fay, 38, sent and received explicit messages to and from at least two student victims, and had physical sexual contact with at least one of them.

We will update this case as it develops.

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