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Crossword outcome is a win-win

Last week we ran a question from someone who asked whether we could replace the Sunday New York Times Crossword with a crossword that's not quite as difficult. So we asked readers to let us know what they thought — and a bunch did.

— SYA Election Central editors

The votes are in and — although we're still checking to make sure there was no Russian hacking — we have a winner in The Great Crossword Campaign of 2016. It's the New York Times Crossword in a landslide.

Regular readers of this humble column will recall that early last week we asked readers whether we should keep the Sunday NYT puzzle or replace it with something a bit less mentally strenuous. The vote in the ensuing week was a runaway: 102 votes to keep the New York Times Crossword and 35 to replace it.

But in the end, we have two winners: After some conversations with our daily crossword supplier, we are going to be able to provide two puzzles on Sunday and will be adding the Sunday crossword created by Timothy Parker, who also does the Monday through Saturday crosswords. We plan to begin the Parker crossword next Sunday and it will likely run somewhere in the vicinity of the New York Times puzzle.

In this Christmas season, it's our SYA gift to you. Ho, ho, ho!

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