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Daytime rain more frequent in summer

Does it rain more at night in Medford? It seems as if we get more rain after dark. I have tried researching this question online, but find conflicting answers.

— Anne

Our go-to experts at the National Weather Service office in Medford tell us that your question is actually quite complex, Anne.

"The answer is more than our office can give you with super accuracy without going through 30 years of hourly data," says meteorologist Brad Schaaf.

However, the NWS can offer its professional opinion on the matter, he says.

Schaaf says rain is more likely to fall during the day in the summer, but that doesn't hold true for cold months.

During the summer, the sun's heat creates mixing of the air and instability. If any moisture happens to come into our area, that moisture can combine with the heat-generated instability and trigger rainfall, sometimes in the form of a thunderstorm.

"That happens more during the day. At night, you don't get the added energy from the sun," Schaaf says.

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