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County didn't pay for Breidenthal's recent trip

I'm curious. Did Jackson County pay for former Commissioner Doug Breidenthal to attend the Rural Action Caucus Symposium in Tallahassee, Florida, in December 2016? Is so, why, when he only had three or so weeks left in office?

— Margaret B.

Actually, Margaret, the county didn't pay for Breidenthal's trip, though the county was aware that he was traveling to the Rural Action Caucus.

According to records obtained by the Mail Tribune, Breidenthal asked for travel reimbursement for the trip from the National Association of Counties. At the time, Breidenthal was president of a related organization, the Western Interstate Region.

On Dec. 16, 2016, Breidenthal submitted a request to NACO for travel expenses totaling $1,140.69. An email Breidenthal sent to his wife, Melanie, Dec. 16 provides the flight itinerary, and Breidenthal paid for the $1,219.20 round-trip flight with his Visa gold card.

On his return from Tallahassee, Breidenthal stopped in San Diego Dec. 12 and stayed for three nights at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego with expenses totaling $968.43. According to records, Breidenthal paid for the hotel with a Visa card belonging to Marigold Enterprises, which was doing business as American Cannabis Company, a marijuana store in Medford.

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