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Legend of the Grants Pass snow sturgeon

Where is Jim Barfield's pond, and how long is a white sturgeon?

— T.M., via email

Well, T.M., we have to admit we were as curious as you were about the photo of the giant "snow" sturgeon submitted by Grants Pass reader Jim Barfield, which we published March 4.

For those who didn't see it, the "fish" stretched about 20 feet along a wooden deck, and Barfield sent a caption saying he had caught it in his pond.

Turns out he's a bit of a kidder.

"I can't believe how much mileage I have gotten from this 'fish,' " Barfield wrote when we emailed him for details about his pond denizen.

"It was 22 feet long and the result of being snowbound for four days with cabin fever, an overactive imagination — and there may have been a bit of bourbon involved. My sister and several others fell for it for several days, they are still (peeved) at me."

Turns out Barfield used snow that came off his roof, shovels, masonry trowels, pipe-cleaner whiskers, rock eyes and sieved wood ashes for a bit of shading that made it look darn real at first glance.

"I wish my Dad was still alive to see it, he was quite the leg-puller," Barfield said. "Seems I have lengthened several legs myself."

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Jim Barfield's 'snow' sturgeon fooled quite a few people.