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Local sponsor picks Fox News at airport

When the Medford airport was renovated several years ago, televisions were installed both in the entrance and beyond TSA, and they both exclusively show Fox News. Since Jackson County owns the airport, several of us are wondering how the county decided to lock onto one station for the public's viewing all day and all night. And if the county has accepted private funds for the privilege, what would it take to change the channel.

— Anne G., a frequent flyer

Sounds like we're ready to have a war over the remote control, Anne.

But before you take it out on the airport, we have to let you know that airport officials enter into a contract with local businesses who sponsor the TVs and get to pick the channel.

In this case, Adroit Construction Co. of Ashland is the sponsor.

"We don't try to influence what station they pick," airport Director Bern Case said.

Occasionally, Adroit does change the station for the Super Bowl or an important game, he said.

He said he would be more than happy to get other sponsors who would be willing to pay several thousand dollars a year, and they could pick another channel.

If you are really annoyed by Fox, Anne, you could also go to the two lounges in the airport, and the bartenders can switch channels for you. That way, you can have a drink while watching your preferred station.

Case said he recently heard a complaint about other airports throughout the country because they seem to have a penchant for CNN.

Another option is to find a quiet place in the terminal and watch a channel on your computer or electronic device. Bern said the Wi-Fi was recently upgraded at the airport by Hunter Communications Inc.

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