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Coinstar kiosks accept loose change for a fee

I have a few containers of pennies, dimes and quarters, and so far a few banks have told me they no longer take the change and give you cash. Another person told me to try some grocery stores. Is this true? Can you give me their names, or did I miss the right banks?

— Penny, via dropped-off note

We were unsuccessful in our search for a bank that'll give you cash for coins, Penny, though perhaps we were just running a midday errand. Please don't tell our boss.

If you do find a bank that'll trade coins for cash, you may find it preferable to the grocery-store option. While plentiful around town, those green Coinstar kiosks at the front of grocery stores charge you a fee to cash in your coins. The rate for a cash payout is 10.9 percent, according to Coinstar's site.

If the nearly 11 cents on the dollar is more than you'd like to spend for your money, you can skip the fee if you choose to turn it into a gift certificate for your choice of online retailer or chain store. 

Based on your hand-delivered note and flowing cursive handwriting, we're going to guess that an Amazon.com credit isn't particularly useful for you, but there are other options such as Sears, Lowe's and Applebee's. You could also donate your coins to charities such as the American Red Cross and Children's Miracle Network.

Coinstar's kiosks can be found at several major supermarkets in Medford, including Fred Meyer, Albertsons and Safeway.

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