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Jurors can park on 10th or in any two-hour space

I would like to know how the Jackson County courts can call you for jury duty when there is no parking for jurors around the courthouse? And why do they have so many reserved spaces? I counted over 30 spaces this morning with no one in them. They make you go to jury duty and then expect you to park miles away and walk to the courthouse. Something has to be done about this problem. I hope you can get an answer for me.

— James P., Medford

James, you have our sympathy — getting exercise and fulfilling your civic duty, all in one day.

The parking lot to the south of the Jackson County Justice building actually belongs to the city of Medford and, therefore, is reserved for city employees.

However, there is a county lot on 10th Street next to the District Attorney’s office with parking for more than 80 cars, said Bob Kleker, trial court administrator for Jackson County Circuit Court.

Or you can use the parking permit that came in your summons to park all day in any of the two-hour spaces on the streets adjacent to the courthouse, Kleker said.

“The reason we don’t have dedicated parking for jurors is because we don’t have a jury trial every day, and parking is a premium,” he said. “If we have one jury trial, (parking) is not a big deal, but if we get three to five, it can be tough.”

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