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St. Mary's will relocate wildlife in downed trees

After hearing about the trees that are being removed at St. Mary's School, I became concerned about the time of year they're being taken down. The cedars were taken out in April, and the sequoias will come down in June. During that time, birds will have nests in those trees. As a matter of fact, depending on the type of bird, nesting times can extend from February to September. Is there any concern for the baby birds that could be in nests in those trees?

— Maureen S., Medford

Maureen, St. Mary’s officials have assured us that “care will be taken” when the trees come down.

As you pointed out, two trees were removed in April, and about five or six more will be chopped down this summer to make room for a new commons building on campus.

Not only are some of the trees in the way of the new construction, but some were planted so close to existing buildings that the roots are ruining the foundation, explained Sarah Naumes Primerano, the school’s spokeswoman.

“We have to make way for new and wonderful improvements happening on campus,” she said.

“We will be mindful,” she added. “We have biology teachers on campus who will be available to relocate wildlife if any is found.”

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