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Interchange project is a Cracker Barrel restaurant

Do you have any information about the extensive land development that is underway just south of Garfield Street between the south Medford interchange and the south end of Center Drive? Until last year there was a salvage yard of some kind at this location, all too easily seen from Garfield Street. It was removed along with a couple of single-story buildings in 2016. Infrastructure work has begun that covers a large area. I don't recall seeing anything about this new development in the Tribune. Is it for a shopping center, affordable housing or offices, for example? Others may have the same question.

— Derart, Medford

There has been a lot of activity on that particular piece of land, Derart. It's also a prime location because of its easy access to Interstate 5.

Local developer Cris Galpin is planning three buildings on the Southside Center I complex where Center Drive presently ends at Garfield Street.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is being planned for the location.

The 9,013-square-foot Cracker Barrel, including a large covered porch, is the largest of the three proposed buildings, which will also include an 8,880-square-foot and 8,706-square-foot multi-tenant commercial shells on a 6.5-acre parcel. Access to the shops and restaurant will be off an extension of Center Drive and likely would spur commercial efforts in surrounding areas.

A second phase of the project is in the works.

Well, we hope we've solved this mystery, Derart. But, we should acknowledge, the Mail Tribune reported on the development last December, though there's so much local news it's sometimes easy to miss an article.

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