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Ashland Street to remain bumpy for a while

I would like to know when Highway 66 will get repaved from Siskiyou Boulevard to I-5. It is a mess! It's a state highway but goes through the city of Ashland. What is the collaboration between the two?

— Kevin M., via email

Ashland officials agree with you, Kevin, that West Highway 66, aka Ashland Street, is indeed due for some major maintenance work. But don't expect any roadwork for at least the next three years, they say.

Highway 66 between Siskiyou Boulevard and Interstate 5 has showed multiple cracks and needs more maintenance, says Oregon of Department of Transportation spokesman Gary Leaming.

Ashland Public Works Director Mike Faught agrees a paving project is needed on the stretch, but not before West Hersey Street and North Mountain Avenue, both of which need “total rebuild.”

City staff plans to recommend improvements to Highway 66, along with Siskiyou Boulevard, after that.

Ashland did some repairs on Highway 66 when it took over jurisdiction from the state more than a decade ago, Faught says.

ODOT has no plans for Highway 66 in that stretch, Leaming says, citing “a tight budget.”

So buckle up, Kevin, it’s (still) going to be a bumpy ride.

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