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151 car thefts were reported last year

I saw the story about the city of Medford-owned pickup that was stolen. As a victim of car theft myself, I know it's not fun. I had to go before a grand jury and explain what happened. I see vehicle theft all the time in the felony arrests. How many vehicle thefts are there in Jackson County in a year?

— David P., no address given

That sounds like quite the ordeal, David. Violent crimes may get more headlines, but your car-theft experience is a reminder that property crimes have victims.

Medford, if you're wondering, recovered its stolen Ford Ranger pickup June 22 after law enforcement officials found it abandoned in Redding, according to a Medford police post on social media.

You didn't say when your car was stolen, but according to data issued by local law enforcement agencies to CrimeReports.com, 151 vehicle thefts were reported here in 2016. We're on track to get near that figure this year, with 74 thefts reported as of June 25. 

That's an increase from previous years: 127 vehicle thefts were reported in 2014 and 107 in 2013.

In Medford, police arrested 12 people for car theft in March, according to the most recent reports. For all of 2016, 130 adults and 4 juveniles were arrested.

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