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Crater Lake Highway speed limit still 45

What is the speed limit on Crater Lake Highway between Poplar Drive and Delta Waters Road? It has always been 45 mph. When they started construction, the big 45 mph sign was moved a little, then removed completely. I'm guessing it may be 35 now because it's the last posted speed sign before the construction zone, but when headed west from Delta Waters, the last sign I see says 30. I don't want to impede traffic, but I don't want an expensive ticket either.

— Robert S., Medford

Your commute should be less confusing next time you drive that section of Highway 62, as the 45 mph sign was expected be back up as of Thursday, according to Gary Leaming with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

So, where's it been? Leaming said the signpost was removed during construction so contractors could drill a shaft to install a sign bridge — now you know that those things that put direction signs above traffic have a name.

While that was being done, contractors attached the speed-limit sign to a nearby post, but vandals had their way with it, according to Leaming. It didn't get better from there for ODOT: While the sign was down for repair, it was stolen.

Leaming said a new sign was scheduled to be installed Thursday afternoon.

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