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Those people in vests have people wondering

I've seen a number of people with safety vests and some sort of counting device all over town. I assume these aren't private vendors doing surveys. What is the city up to?

— Edith K., Medford

The men and women you've seen about town are summer hires tasked with counting traffic at intersections throughout town. You might have even spotted a family of vest-wearers.

Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin, speaking through an intermediary, said during odd years the city uses real, live people to conduct traffic counts at intersections. During even years, counts are conducted mid-block using tube counters. So last year at this time, you might have heard clip-clop, clip-clop as you negotiated the streets of Medford.

Crebbin said the data gathered helps the city analyze capacity needs and other issues for its transportation system.

The mapped traffic count data are available on the city of Medford's website under the Public Works link, sublink: Traffic Count Map. Also, here's the online link, Edith www.ci.medford.or.us/Page.asp?NavID="1091"

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