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Bear Camp Road closed for culvert replacements

Has the Forest Service closed Bear Camp Road. If so, when and for how long?

— Brian, email submission

Yes, Brian, the Forest Service as planned has closed a 7.5-mile section of Bear Camp Road and it will remain closed for about two months while contractors work to rebuild 22 failed or failing culverts on that stretch of this important thoroughfare between the Rogue River outposts of Galice and Agness.

Known on maps as Forest Service Road No. 23, Bear Camp Road was barricaded Monday morning for the construction, forcing those floating the Lower Rogue Canyon to detour on nearby Burnt Ridge Road, according to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

While Bear Camp Road is paved, Burnt Ridge (known on maps as Forest Service Road No. 2308) is a single-lane gravel road, and forest officials believe the reroute will add about 10 minutes to the more than one-hour trek from Galice to Agness.

We at Since You Asked Central have driven Burnt Ridge Road, Brian, and we remember it being a delay of more than 10 minutes — and our kidneys are still vibrating from the experience.

One gate is a half-mile from the road's intersection with Agness Road near Cougar Lane. The other is about 2.7 miles west of the Shasta Costa overlook. Signs are in place rerouting traffic, forest spokeswoman Chamise Kramer says.

The upgrades to the 30-year-old road is so log trucks hauling timber from the Green Knob timber sale in eastern Curry County will be able to safely traverse the road, Kramer says. Those logs will head to South Coast Lumber Co. in Brookings, which bought the sale and is paying the estimated $350,000 in upgrades to Bear Camp Road.

When the road is reopened, the public can expect delays of up to 20 minutes for log-truck traffic, forest officials said.

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