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Why no restaurant inspections in the paper?

I would like to know, WHERE ARE THE RESTAURANT HEALTH REPORTS? How are we to know where it's safe to eat out? No, I don't have a computer. That's why I get the paper.

— J.K., Central Point (by mail, with a picture of sad-faced boy with "ME" written next to it)

We're as sad as you are, J.K., that we can no longer print restaurant inspections in the paper.

We used to get a rundown from Jackson County on the restaurants that were inspected each month and their scores. It was relatively simple to then format the scores for our readers both in the paper and online.

But the county no longer provides monthly reports — they switched to a system online in which it's easy to find a restaurant you're considering and see its most recent inspection, but it's labor-intensive to find the ones with the most recent inspections, their scores and their violations. It would take too many carpal-tunnel-inducing clicks to prepare a monthly list of recent inspections for our readers.

We valiantly tried to compile a list for about 20 minutes, but the new county system is so slow and cumbersome we gave up.

For those who have computers and just want to look up one or two restaurants, the system is fine. Go to https://healthspace.com/Clients/Oregon/jackson/Web.nsf/home.xsp

For people like you without a computer, we mourn.

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