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Are those red-light cameras working?

Are the traffic cameras working at the intersection of Biddle and McAndrews roads?

— Bette S., Medford

We hope you haven't been testing that intersection to see if the red-light cameras are functioning properly, Bette.

We've had other people in Medford who wondered whether we still have red-light cameras at Biddle and McAndrews, particularly because of the goofy driving habits of some motorists. (They must be out-of-towners).

As to your question, we asked Medford police if the cameras are working at that intersection.

"Yes they are currently operational," Lt. Kerry Curtis said. "They have not been offline."

The cameras detect someone running a red light only if they are traveling eastbound on McAndrews or northbound on Biddle. Cameras don't detect vehicle motion in the other directions of travel.

Medford currently has just two sets of red-light cameras, the other at the intersection of Stewart Avenue and Barnett Road.

And, just to be clear, the cameras at both intersections are working, Bette.

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