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Medford doesn't like bumps in the night

Is it true there are no speed bumps on Medford streets, which is something I read in the Mail Tribune? Here in Portland, it is very common and is a great deterrent to speeding vehicles.

— Stan H., Portland

Speed bumps are located in many cities, including nearby Ashland, but you are correct and so is the Mail Tribune: We don't have speed bumps in the city.

According to Cory Crebbin, Medford public works director, there are three reasons why you don't see speed bumps in our fair metropolis.

First of all, they have to be spaced fairly close together to be effective, he said.

"Studies say that if you space them far apart, people actually drive faster between the speed bumps than they normally would," Crebbin said.

The noise from speed bumps can be irksome to nearby residents, too. Motorists speed up after they go over the bump, increasing engine noise, and the bumps themselves create additional noise. In other words, they might keep light sleepers awake.

The third reason is Medford Fire-Rescue doesn't like them because they increase the response time in emergencies because vehicles have to slow down. Also, the bumps produce extra wear and tear on vehicles and can sometimes break an axle because of the heavy loads on fire engines.

All in all, speed bumps are not welcome in the city for a number of good reasons, Stan. But we're sure you could come up with as many reasons to like them.

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