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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 28, 1917


A peculiar change in loyalty due to the war came to notice last Saturday evening when a German couple who are residents in this vicinity entered Johnson's jewelry store and asked John W. Johnson if he could erase the Greman inscription in their wedding ring and engrave the same inscription in English instead.

They were told that it could easily be done, and when asked why they wanted the change made, the husband replied: "When we were married we had the inscription engraved in German and were proud to have that language used. Since then we have parted with those people and want the words in good old U.S.A".


"I am innocent of the charge and it will have to be proven against me in court before I will pay a fine", said W. H. Gore today in explaining why he entered a plea of not guilty before Justice Taylor following his arrest by County Prosecutor Roberts' motorcycle cop on the Pacific highway because of not having his auto lights dimmed, in compliance with the state law, as the cop claims.

The motorcycle cop had just arrested a Portland auto dealer on the same charge, and the two were standing by the car at the side of the road, engaged in a loud word wrangle when Mr. Gore and his son Jay came driving by. The cop ordered Jay, who was at the wheel, to stop, but Mr. Gore, who was in the rear seat, thinking that the motorcycle cop and the other man were returning from Hornbrook, ordered Jay to speed up.

The cop then speeded after them on his motorcycle and rode beside their car, calling upon them to stop, without showing his badge or telling them he was an officer. They also claim that he swore at them repeatedly and was otherwise abusive. Finally, when he showed his badge, they stopped the car and submitted to arrest.

"The law says that the front lights shall be dimmed when the safety and convenience of the public demand", said Mr. Gore today, "and there was certainly no occasion for us to dim our lights that night, as there was no one on the highway ahead of us except these two, who were standing by the car at the side of the road and wrangling".