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Is this summer one of the hottest?

What's the record for the number of days over 100 degrees? We must be nearing the record this year.

— Bill H., Medford

It has been a hot one, Bill. But the hottest? Not even close, though that is hard to believe. It may seem like a long, hot summer thanks to all the fires burning out there.

We checked in with officials at the National Weather Service in Medford, and they combed through their records to get your answer.

As of Friday, we had hit 100 degrees 12 times this year, Bill.

According to the weather service, the record year was 1990 when we hit 100 or more 23 times.

Going back to 1972, the mercury topped 100 on 22 days.

In 2015, 1992, 1996 and 1967, we had 21 days when temperatures reached 100 or more.

And, for good measure, 1981 saw the mercury top 100 20 times.

Of course, the summer is not over, but typically we don't see too many days that hit 100 or more in September.

As you can see, Bill, we're a long way from any records this year. But it's still been a heck of a fire season.

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