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Pretty flower baskets get plenty of TLC

How do the hanging flower baskets along Pine Street in Central Point and those along Medford's Main Street stay so beautiful all summer long, and who is responsible?

— Sigi B., Medford

The flower fairies really work their magic, Sigi. And even the experts at Since You Asked headquarters are unable get their own flowers to grow so beautifully in their gardens.

In Medford and Central Point, the flower baskets are from Four Seasons Nursery and are purchased every year.

The pretty cascades of petunias stay healthy because the plants are fertilized regularly and are watered every day.

In Central Point, the flower baskets on Pine Street are watered by hand by Four Seasons, but once improvements are made to the street, the baskets will be on drippers.

Medford uses Miracle Grow and a fish fertilizer to keep the plants looking healthy, we've been told.

Now that you know the secret to how these cities have such beautiful hanging baskets, maybe you can try it yourself at your own home, Sigi.

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