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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 20, 1917


Forest fires have been causing considerable trouble to the state firefighters the past week in the Jackson county district, none of which assumed very serious dimensions. Last Sunday nine fires of suspected incendiary origin were set in various parts of the county, most of them being in the Evans creek and Pleasant creek regions.

The fire which started Last Sunday in the Meadows district, and which gained considerable headway in the heavy timber, was gotten under control last night. Another serious fire in this section had just been conquered when the new one broke out Sunday.

A new forest fire started at the head of Birdseye creek, between Gold Hill and Rogue River, yesterday afternoon and swept up the mountain. Late last night it was thought to be under control.

The rain of last week was not heavy enough to do much good in the way of preventing forest fires, and on account of the excessive dryness existing in the timber regions the fire situation is a constantly menacing one.


An additional force of soldiers from C company was sent to the Siskiyous by Captain Crossley last night to reinforce the company detail already on duty there, in order to more thoroughly protect the troop trains of drafted soldiers that will be moving in this direction from San Francisco for camp Lewis, Washington. On this account the company was unable to give a special drill at the county fair this afternoon, as scheduled, nor will it be able to give drills at the fair on Friday and Saturday.

J.E. Stewart received a post card today from Earl W. Ralston, the former printer on the Mail Tribune Staff, dated at Butte, Mont., Sept. 17, in which he wrote that the situation at Butte is very bad on account of the big strike there.

Because of the many tourists in the city, the county fair, and the theatrical attraction last night which drew many for miles around the hotels of the city were crowded to capacity last night. Early in the evening the hotels began turning prospective guests away for lack of room.