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Pair to change plea in Jacksonville drug case

I was wondering, what happened to the two young people arrested on Wagon Trail Drive about a year ago for drugs and illegal firearms possession? Will they be going to trial?

— No name given, via email

Conan Samson Yates, 26, and Kelly Rose McDonald, 24, each facing multiple felony drug charges stemming from an August 2016 raid, are set to change their pleas Oct. 30, according to Jackson County Circuit Court records.

The two had previously intended to change their pleas Sept. 14, but they were stuck in Florida following Hurricane Irma and couldn't appear.

They previously pleaded not guilty to manufacturing marijuana, exporting more than a pound of usable marijuana, delivering hallucinogenic mushrooms, manufacturing and possessing the hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine, possessing MDMA, and possessing more than a quarter-ounce of a marijuana extract, plus a misdemeanor count of delivering marijuana.

On Aug. 10, 2016, Oregon State Police served a search warrant on the couple's property in the 400 block of Wagon Trail Drive, after the couple allegedly provided 30 pounds of dried and processed marijuana to a confidential informant.

The search reportedly yielded 101 marijuana plants, more than 20 pounds of packaged and heat-sealed marijuana, plus a butane honey oil lab. Investigators also seized 20 rifles and five pistols, some of which were loaded, according to court records.

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