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Accused police impersonator has December trial

Whatever happened with the case involving Leif Johnson and the school bully report?

— James T., Phoenix

With accusations both innocuous and potentially felonious, we haven't forgotten about the case of Leif Reed Johnson of Central Point, a local businessman who faces charges stemming from an apparent attempt to scare a possible school bully straight; however, we haven't had much to report since our initial story.

In May, Johnson, 46, pleaded not guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court to two counts of criminal impersonation of a peace officer, alleging he posed as a police detective on a school-age girl's doorstep earlier this year. A jury trial is scheduled for the first week of December, court records show.

Johnson, who is the principal broker at Medford Mortgages on Town Center Drive, allegedly identified himself to the child as a police detective Feb. 27 and "stated he was investigating a case involving bullying and threats made on a school bus," according to Central Point police, who posted about the case on social media.

Johnson allegedly told the girl she would be arrested if he had to return.

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