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What is moving into the old Costco?

What is going to move into the old Costco? I read your old article about an aquatic place for Medford possibly being considered, but now I wonder if there is an update.

— Jessica, Medford

Are you recommending the old Costco become the new aquatics center, Jessica?

The new, improved Costco at Table Rock and Hamrick roads will replace the existing location on Crater Lake Highway.

We checked in with Sam Barnum, Medford building director, who told us that Costco wants to split up the existing building into two separate units.

"They haven't said who wants to move in yet," he said.

The city has received a permit to demolish the existing gas station, and Costco has indicated it's planning to build one or two restaurants out near the highway.

"They've told us they've received inquiries, but nothing concrete yet," Barnum said.

The new location will offer a $13.2 million, 161,992-square-foot warehouse and fuel station on 18.28 acres. Costco bought the property for $3.7 million.

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