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Hi-tech firm still sorting out new HQ location

Months ago, to the Mail Tribune reported Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions was moving its headquarters from the Bay Area to the Rogue Valley. I haven't seen, or heard, anymore about the transfer to Southern Oregon. Do you think you can give us an update?

— Sandy C., Talent

It was with great fanfare that the cleanroom particle monitor manufacturer said in July it was relocating its headquarters here from Fremont, California, transferring more than two dozen executive and management jobs.

We chased down Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions marketing manager Mark Von Holle for an update.

Apparently, such changes take time and patience.

The Lighthouse migration remains a work in progress, Von Holle said.

The actual headquarters location remains unsettled, and the due diligence phase has been extended.

"Lot's of moving parts and pieces, but it is happening," Von Holle said.

Lighthouse Worldwide first opened a manufacturing site on Disk Drive in west Medford 15 years ago. The company presently employs 73 in Southern Oregon at three sites in Medford and Grants Pass.

When the company decides where it will plant its enterprise banner, we'll let you know.

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