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Expressway ending based on several factors

After reviewing the ODOT Moving Ahead pamphlet, I have two questions: 1) Will there be an exit to get from Eagle Point to the Delta Waters area?  2) Why doesn't the expressway go a little further north and tie into Highway 62 where it intersects Highway 140? This would make it much easier to go from Klamath Falls, etc. to Interstate 5.

— Joe M.

Two questions, Joe? I guess it's buy one, get one day at Since You Asked.

Well, fine. It's the holiday season, and we're feeling extra generous. So let's get down to it.

To your first question: No, but you do have alternatives on how to get there. Currently, you can head down Highway 62 to Delta Waters Road like you probably usually do. And when the $120 million, 4.5-mile Expressway you mentioned is completed in 2019, you can take that, go down to the intersection of Poplar Drive and Bullock Road, and make a u-turn.

If there's a concern about accessing shops such as Hubbard's from the Expressway, you'll be able to, as there will be a left turn onto Whittle Avenue for westbound traffic, according to Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Gary Leaming.

Now to your second question. That Expressway ending was actually considered, but teams that looked into it said ending it at that intersection would have come with a couple sizable flaws.

"Namely, that we would have to go through Denman Wildlife Refuge, and that was a show-stopper," Leaming said.

Additional costs also had to be considered because of increased traffic in the area.

"The logical and least expensive terminus was right at Corey (Road)," Leaming said.

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