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Not much of your taxes goes to urban renewal

I read with interest the Saturday story about the issues involving the Jackson County assessor and the incorrect tax information. Seems like most of the issue had to do with Central Point’s Urban Renewal District getting overpaid. Made me wonder, how much of our taxes are going into urban renewal?

— Eric, Medford

Well, Eric, that all depends on where you live. And since you live in Medford, we can easily give you that information, thanks to a handy graphic titled “Where do your property tax dollars go?” that’s posted on the city’s website.

According to that graphic, the answer to your question is ... not very much. The site says that 38 percent of your property taxes goes to the Medford School District, 34 percent to the city of Medford, 15 percent to Jackson County, 6.5 percent to RCC and the Educational Service District, 3.5 percent to the Jackson County Library District and, last and least, 1 percent to urban renewal.

The site also offers several other tax-related notes:

• Medford residents’ tax rate is $15.47 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

• The average household in Medford pays about $2,900 per year in property taxes.

• The average real market value of a Medford house is $247,000 and average assessed value (which the taxes are based on) is $188,000.

So, Eric, if you own an average-value home in Medford, the amount of your tax dollars going to urban renewal would be about $29.

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