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We’re No. 1 in our hearts

I remember that for most of the last century, Medford was the fourth-largest city in Oregon. I know that’s not the case anymore, but where do we rank now?

— Kathy, Medford

No. 1 in our hearts, Kathy, No. 1. ... Oh, but you were asking about population, weren’t you?

By that measurement, it’s been a while since Medford was the fourth-largest city. We now rank eighth, with a population of 79,590, according to July 1, 2017, statistics gathered by the Portland State University Population Research Center. We’ve been overtaken by Portland’s suburbs and Bend.

The top 10 Oregon cities, in order, are: Portland, 639,100; Eugene, 167,780; Salem, 163,480; Gresham, 109,820; Hillsboro, 101,540; Beaverton, 95,685; Bend, 86,765; Medford, 79,590; Springfield, 60,655; and Corvallis, 58,738.

But we are still firmly in control of fourth place among metropolitan statistical areas in the state, which measures wider areas, since all the Portland suburbs fall in the Portland-Vancouver MSA and our Medford-area population tops the Bend area.

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