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Castrated dog recovered, has new home

What happened to the border collie that was castrated by the owner? Is it still with the owner? Does it need a home?

— Brett

We’re happy to report that the border collie was adopted and now has a new home in Talent.

The dog appears to have recovered physically and mentally from its ordeal, according to Jackson County Animal Services Manager Barbara Talbert.

On Jan. 30, the dog’s owner, Pedro Castallanos Sabino, and a teen boy allegedly held the border collie down while Miguel Angel Rizo Flores castrated it with a razor knife, according to court records.

The bleeding dog reportedly ran off and was found by a neighbor, who called police.

Talbert said the border collie was taken to Best Friends Animal Hospital in Talent, where it received sutures.

“He healed up with no complications,” she said.

During his recovery, the border collie showed he still has a good temperament, Talbert said.

“He got along with other dogs and was very affectionate. He played successfully with other dogs,” she said.

Castellanos Sabino allegedly told police he had his dog castrated because it kept running off from the house and he thought castration would stop the behavior, according to an affidavit.

He allegedly asked Rizo Flores to come to his home and castrate the dog because Rizo Flores had experience in castrating bulls, the affidavit said.

Both men face animal abuse charges in Jackson County Circuit Court. The teen was referred to juvenile court, according to court documents.

Talbert said the dog’s owner was correct that spaying or neutering a pet can reduce wandering, but he went about addressing the problem in the wrong way.

“A better way to handle the problem is having spaying or neutering done by a licensed veterinarian,” she said.

People who can’t afford the cost of spaying or neutering a pet may be eligible for financial help from the Spay/Neuter Your Pet organization. Visit spayneuter.org or call 541-858-3325 for more information.

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