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Since You Asked: Abandoned house has been an eyesore for years

What is happening to the old green house on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Main Street? It’s been sitting vacant and has been an eyesore for many years. We need to beautify that corner.

— Miss W., Medford

You’re talking about the house on the northeast corner, Miss W. We know it well, and you’re right, it has been boarded up for many years. It’s on a major thoroughfare through the city and has gotten the attention of residents and local officials.

We checked in with Sam Barnum, Medford building director, who has been going after abandoned properties. In many cases, he and other city officials have been successful in getting property owners to bulldoze or clean up abandoned houses, which are a magnet for vagrants and druggies. Many of the properties are a nuisance for the public and police.

Barnum said city staff has been evaluating properties for the next go around for receivership, and the property at 1530 W. Main St. is in their sights.

Legal procedures are underway with a property at 205 Chestnut St., and as soon as that is completed, Barnum said, he will be asking City Council to begin legal proceedings against the property at 1530 W. Main St. If the city is successful, it could eventually demolish the house. Sometimes just starting the receivership process gets a property owner to fix up or demolish a house.

So it’s possible, Miss W., that we’ll see some action with that old green house within the next year.

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