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Bottles and cans at the BottleDrop do get recycled

Since our “recycle” bin is now being sent to the dump, why doesn’t the sanitary company just drop the charade and have just one pickup per week rather than sending out a special truck every other week to take our “recyclables” to the dump? Are the deposit cans and bottles dropped off at the redemption centers also being taken to the dump?

— Larry S., Jacksonville

Rogue Disposal has been dumping recyclables in the dump because many recycling companies say the stuff we put in the bin is dirty. As a result, Rogue Disposal has pared down its list of recyclables in hopes that local residents will stop putting stuff in the bin that shouldn’t be there. Basically, we need to clean up our act.

Rogue Disposal has told us previously that a different truck is used to collect recycled materials than is used for ordinary trash. At this point it would be extremely expensive to buy new trucks that could handle both recycled materials and trash, the company told us.

As to your question about the redemption centers, yes, those bottles and cans are being recycled.

Joel Schoening with BottleDrop Redemption Center said the plastic is recycled in St. Helens and the glass in Portland. Aluminum cans are recycled within the U.S., he said.

“One of the great benefits of the bottle redemption program is that all the glass and plastic is recycled in Oregon,” he said.

So, Larry, if you take your plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans to a redemption center, you get your deposit back and you can rest assured it is going to be recycled.

Remember, the deposit amount increased last year from 5 cents to 10 cents, another bonus.

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