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Pedestrians have right of way at all intersections

I know you get a lot of questions about crosswalk rules and safety in Medford, but so far I haven’t seen this one answered. It’s about people crossing Fourth Street in front of the bandshell at the commons in downtown Medford. I regularly drive past there when people are crossing the street between the two intersections. Am I required to stop for them?

— Mary, email submission

That section of streets, intersections and non-intersections is a place that really highlights all the nuances of Medford’s pedestrian street-crossing rules, Mary.

First, those people crossing where Bartlett Street crosses Fourth Street are at a crosswalk, so they have the right of way and you are required to yield to them, says Medford police Cpl. Tom Venables.

Even if the intersection isn’t painted or if it’s a three-way intersection, that’s still a legal intersection and motorists are required to yield to pedestrians, Venables says.

The only time when pedestrians don’t have the right of way is when they are crossing a street between intersections, Venables says.

Oregon law requires vehicles to stop if a pedestrian is walking in your lane or an adjacent lane. It also prohibits passing a stopped vehicle at a marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection if that vehicle is stopped to permit someone crossing the street. Violations carry a base fine of $265, so it literally pays off to pay attention to pedestrians at every crosswalk.

Incidentally, not all intersections are painted for a reason, Venables says.

Studies show that more pedestrians get hit inside crosswalks than outside them, Venables says. That’s why some of those paint-jobs are left to fade, but the city does keep up the marking of crosswalks in school zones, he says.

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