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Yeah, you probably got a ticket

While driving the other day, I traveled through a green light and saw one of those camera flashes usually associated with running a red light. I may have been slightly over the speed limit. Did I just earn myself a ticket?

— Oops

Um, so, the thing is ... sigh. Yes. Yes, you probably did. Sorry. I think the phrase is “don’t shoot the messenger.”

We posed your question to Sgt. Don Lane of Medford police. He’s kind of our go-to in all things Medford traffic laws. His response to us began thusly: “So that answer is ‘yes, more than likely.’”

He elaborates. The intersections at Fourth Street and Central Avenue, and at Eighth Street and Riverside Drive have photo red light cameras. But a change in Oregon law made it so that police are now authorized to enforce not only properly adhering to the traffic signal, but the speed limit, too. They use the same system that captures red light violations, along with radar that determines vehicle speeds.

The code section, ORS.437, allows for citations to be issued using photo red light technology.

“Basically what this means is we can issue citations for speed on green lights if the vehicle is traveling 11 mph or greater over the posted speed limit,” Lane said.

OR 810.436, however, clarifies the law. Under that ORS, police cannot issue a citation for both speed and running the red light unless the speed is greater than 20 mph.

Let’s say, for example, you ran a red light and were over the speed limit by 21 mph or greater. In that case, you’d be cited for both. If you were driving 1 mph slower, however, you’d just be cited for the red light.

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