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Some John Deere vehicles are almost SUVs

While watching the John Deere golf tournament, I noticed the variety of equipment they now manufacture. One piece in particular made me wonder if they are planning to build a car, probably a Jeep type of vehicle. Any ideas?

— N.F., Central Point

Checking out the current lineup of John Deere vehicles, we can see why you think the company best known for its tractors and riding lawnmowers could be on the cusp of making a Jeep or other SUV-style vehicle.

John Deere is making what it calls crossover utility vehicles. They’re like a cross between a golf cart and an ATV.

Some of the vehicles can seat up to four people.

Other models, like the Gator utility vehicles, offer an enclosed cab with heating and air conditioning plus sound dampening to “help farmers and ranchers maximize productivity and comfort,” John Deere said in an August 2017 press release introducing the vehicles.

We sent messages to two John Deere company spokespeople asking whether the company plans to make the jump to manufacturing regular SUVs, but got no response.

A representative at Pape Machinery, a dealer of John Deere products in Central Point, said she hasn’t heard of any plans for John Deere to enter the SUV market.

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