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Bottle recycling can be frustrating

As you know, Rogue Disposal and Recycling stopped taking all but four items in our red bins, stating there was no longer a market. Recently they sent out a flier stating we could now recycle plastic bottles again as long as they had a neck smaller than the body of bottle, made from No. 1 or No. 2 plastic. Great news, right? The only problem is they want us to drive these bottles out to the transfer station on Table Rock Road. Hundreds, maybe thousands of cars driving clear out there while our recycling bins are two-thirds empty. This makes no sense at all. I went out there to recycle copier paper and the bin was almost empty. Not many people want to drive that far apparently.

— Laurie C.

You’re pretty much right on all those accounts, and Rogue Disposal realizes it’s a hassle, Laurie.

“I understand their frustration,” said Laura Leebrick, Rogue Disposal’s community and governmental affairs manager.

In order to properly manage the recycle stream, and to make sure those plastic bottles are recycled, the company needs people to bring them to the transfer station, she said.

Leebrick said you are correct, Laura, that only No. 1 plastic, the type found in beverage containers, and No. 2 plastic, the kind found in milk jugs, are accepted.

She said most of the beverage-type plastic can also be taken to the BottleDrop Redemption Center, 1179 Stowe Ave., Medford, where you will get some money for your effort.

If you need more information about the bottle program, check out https://roguedisposal.com/resources/education/recycling/limited-plastic-bottle-and-jug-recycling-learn-the-full-story.

Leebrick said she hopes the domestic market improves for recycling so Rogue Disposal customers can once again recycle more stuff in the red bin.

“Things are going to be inconvenient for a little while,” she said.

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