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Medford was close to tying a temperature record

I was just curious what Medford’s official high temperature got to last week on Tuesday when we were supposed to get above 100. My thermometer said 105. — Via email

Per the National Weather Service’s Medford office, sounds like your thermometer was right on the money, as was the agency’s prediction.

The mercury reached 105 Tuesday, Aug. 27. That’s a single degree off tying the all-time temperature record for that day. Last set in 1972, the temperature to beat is still 106. Not that we think it’s time that date got dethroned or anything.

Roseburg did crack its old daily temperature record of 99, set in 2017, and replaced it with at 103-degree high temperature.

The high for Wednesday, Aug. 28, cooled 10 degrees, hitting 95 degrees. That’s still about 9 degrees off the daily high temperature record of 104 set in 1967.

“We had a lot of clouds around that day,” said meteorologist Misty Firmin.

Now entering the first week of September, a Weather Service forecast shows a week of mid 80s to low 90s is on deck for Medford. We don’t miss 105 degrees one bit.

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