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Modular classrooms provide shelter from bond construction

I’ve noticed that about eight double-wide modular units are being installed in what formerly was the soccer field at Ashland Middle School. I assume these are going to be classrooms. But the question is, why? I can’t imagine AMS is overcrowded. Is it related to COVID-19, in an effort to lower the student class size by having more classrooms? I haven’t noticed similar construction at any of the other Ashland schools, only the Middle School.

— Thank you, Robert J.

We took your question right to the top — to Ashland Schools Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove, and learned that those modulars are more related to bond-project construction than they are COVID-19.

“We’re preparing for the construction over at the middle school and being able to relocate students to the modular units,” he said.

Of course, for the first nine weeks of the school year, there won’t be any students doing on-site instruction at the Ashland Middle School campus, as the school district plans to stick with distance learning through the first grading period.

“One of the things that families need and staff need is some predictability in planning,” Bogdanove said. “The first nine weeks are right at the corner where we do a lot of grading. It’s a natural transition point.”

Teachers, however, may have access to the modular classrooms to conduct virtual instruction throughout the first grading period.

Ashland Middle School is slated for a total “replace/rebuild” according to the school district’s bond website. You can find more information about that and other bond projects at hmkco.org/ashlandbond.

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